Isaiah Jordan Signature Flatland

Isaiah’s freshly painted frame.


right out of the box.


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A preview of our Pro Team Rider- Alex Johann’s Signature frame the SLAM PIG. Designed for heavy dirt jumping and skatepark riding or pretty much anything!


For more details on this frame go to our Products page:

PARK Version 2 Prototype Frame

The second version of our PARK prototype frame. DSCN0877

  • High seat tube, high bb height, and short chainstay length for quick maneuverability.
  • 4lbs. 5oz.
  • Integrated seat post clamp, and headtube for simple, quick and easy installation of seat post and headset.
  • OX Platinum front triangle for maximum strength- resistant to annealing/softening that allows it to survive crashes better and has a much better fatigue.
  • Enclosed Dropouts for female axle hubs. (will be replaced with 14mm open dropouts.)
  • Removable cable guides, brake mounts, and gyro tabs.

For more details on this frame go to our Products page: 

Li-RaiSignatureframe_zps8faca36aLi-Rai Signature frame3

For more details on this frame go to our Products page:




   Isaiah Jordan’s Li-Rai Signature Frames

              Isaiah Jordan wanted his signature frame to be able to take “hop whips” & other “hop” tricks. The “Li-Rai”. Using OX Platinum Tubing helped us achieve this. Here are a few details on this frame:

OX Platinum Tubing (heat treated chromoly)- This tubing was used to reduce the chance of cracking and breaking.

  • Enclosed Dropouts- Using this type of dropout prevents the dropouts from pinching/bending. Also, to be used with the female axle hubs. A 14mm open dropout version of this frame will also be available.
  • Top Tube Sizes- 19.0″, 19.25″, 19.5″

Li-Rai (long version)

The longer version of the Li-Rai frame was made for the flatlander that prefers open dropouts and a longer overall frame that can be used for other disciplines of riding. We went with FBM Bikes for this frame to give a different look but still maintain similar specs of the Signature Li-Rai. Using SuperTherm tubing, Double Gussets, 14mm Heat Treated dropouts,  this frame can handle more than just flatland.

  • Top Tubes Choices 19.5″, 19.75″, 20.5″.
  • Weight is estimated 4lbs.


We would like for you to get involved with the design of these frames before we release the production models. This is to give you the product you want. Leave a comment below, send us a tweet on Twitter- Twitter, shoot us an email @, or join the discussion on Global-Flat Forum        .

-Modern Bikes

Alex Johann, Fat BMX Interview recently did interviews “Fat Favourites” with Alex Johann. Check it out:

Alex Johann Interview

Alex Johann interview

-Modern Bikes

Congratulations Modern Bikes Team rider Isaiah Jordan, for placing at the Trans Jam BMX Contests in Raleigh, NC.  May 18th & 19th.!

3rd Place in Pro Flat:

Unfortunately Alex Johann went down during his second run in the Dirt Competition. And he was a favorite to win it! He’s doing fine and won the “Eat Schmidt” Award for WRECKING doing a flip whip… ?


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Trans Jam BMX Contest Highlight of the Pro Flatland Class, featuring Team Rider Isaiah Jordan placing 3rd  in Athens, GA 04/27/2013.

Highlight Video, filmed by Modern Bikes, of the Trans Jam BMX Pro Flatland Contest. 04/13/2013 in Charlotte, NC. Featuring Modern Bikes Team rider Isaiah Jordan:



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