SuperTherm Flatland Frames


SuperTherm Flatland Frame

The longer version, of our original frame(OX Platinum Tubing), was created for the riders that prefers a longer overall frame that can be used for other disciplines of BMX. We went to FBM Bikes to build this frame. We wanted a different look from the original flatland frame but still have similar geo of the original frame. Made from SuperTherm tubing, Double Gussets, 14mm Heat Treated dropouts.  This frame can handle ALOT more than just flatland.

  • Top Tubes Choices 19.50″, 19.70″
  • Weight is estimated @ 4lbs.


We would like for you to get involved with the design of these frames before we release the production models. This is to give you the product you want. Leave a comment below, send us a tweet on Twitter- Twitter, shoot us an email @, or join the discussion on Global-Flat Forum        

-Modern Bikes

2 Comments on “SuperTherm Flatland Frames

    • Not yet, but look out for them in the coming months! I appreciate you’re interest in our products! We hope you become a customer in the near future! Oh yeah, check your email for some exclusives on the frame!

      Thank You,
      Joshua Sequoyah

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